Friday, 6 January 2012

Creative Tie-backs

Over the christmas period, I visited a few craft fairs, which is always nice to do. These where purchased at the Mentmore craft fair, which didn't have much to it so I probably wouldn't go again.. but bought these little treasures there :) and what a bargain! The lady who owned the stall was moving to spain so had to sell everything. I needed some new curtain tie-backs, as mine are a bit I snapped these up for the bargain price of £3. Looking at them initially I thought I could do something with them. 

De coupage is the most simply, effective way of transforming anything in your home and making it really look your own. All you need is:

Tissue paper/fancy tissues/anything thin with a pattern on
PVA Glue
White Acrylic paint
And patience

>>Firstly Paint the object you wish to cover in white.. so no strange colours seep though. 

>>Mix up a mixture of PVA with 1Part PVA 2parts Water.

>>All you need to do now is cut the pattern of the shape you are covering with about 1cm overlay (to hide around the back) and strip the tissue so it is its thinnest layer, most tissue paper has 4 or 5 layers.   

>>Once the paint is dry cover the object a bit at a time (watch out for tearing) with the PVA mixture adding it on top of the tissue too (this will dry clear) and keep going until it is all covered. Glue the excess areas to the back. 

>>Then leave to dry and VWALA!!! :) you have some amazing curtain tie-backs (or necklace holders)

VB x

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