Sunday, 26 June 2011

Went to birmingham last week for my best friends 21st. I don't get to see her alot cos we are both busy with uni but Had a lovely time, and she jetted off to Paris at 4am in the morning having had no sleep and being slightly tipsy. Was a birthday prezzi from her boyfriend :) I managed to get her a Thomas Sabo black beaded bracelet that I adore, but couldn't afford any charms for. Luckily she managed to get an Eiffel tower charm in paris on her visit. 

Packing today for my holiday :) as I am jetting off to Turkey in the morning! 

Feel free to follow my blog. I don't bite and im new to all this. 

VB x

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Final year exhibition :)

New to Blogging

I thought a good thing to do, now I have more time on my hands after finishing uni, would be to start up my own blog about influences, my travels and my life. When i finally find out how to use this I will be blogging a lot more. 

The image is of my final, end of year Interior design exhibition. My project was based on a children's portable health exhibition experience which I designed, developed and made into a final concept. I had endless amounts of positive feedback at the exhibition which was wonderful. After finding out my final grades yesterday I am very very pleased, and once its official I shall tell the world, because i am so so proud after all that hard work and long hours at uni, it all paid off. 

I doubt anyone will read this but I have more to come :) 

<3 VB