Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Design Inspiration 1

Architect Gary Chang, based in the very busy city of Hong kong completely transformed his apartment into an eco friendly, 24 roomed home which is situated in a 344 sq.ft. apartment. He had so many people living in his apartment that he saw potential to change. The apartment is designed so walls can move and reveal separate rooms behind situated between 2 metre wide spaces. From a book case which will change into a wardrobe, transforming into a bath and then a bedroom area, it is the perfect functional space. To create a warm feel he has tinted the windows to make the room feel warm, so even rainy weather brightens his mood. With the use of mirrors on the ceiling, it dramatically increases the light value within the room. It is a truly amazing concept in the use of space, which I believe his design could potentially change the way we live. 


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